The Innovative Educator: When students own the learning


The Innovative Educator: When students own the learning

      • Looking around my lab, here is what I saw being created:

        • Bitstrip comics starring themselves as scientists explaining the diversity of crustaceans.
        • Students researching sources using advanced search features for trust-worthy and relevant information
        • Online jeopardy game creations
        • Using Scratch to create interactive stories
        • PowerPoint and Prezi presentations
        • Using Flipcams and Moviemaker to create infomercials
        • Podcast radio interviews
        • Glogster Posters
    • EdTechIdeas: As teachers, it is often difficult to make a shift from forced learning (teacher delivered content) to student directed learning. I challenge you to just take one lesson; one activity; one afternoon and flip the way you’ve always done it in the past. Take a leap of faith, and relinquish control. See how you feel. Discover how your students feel. Feel the learning.
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