Delicious shutting down?

I woke up this morning to be inundated with Tweets and emails about, which is a social bookmarking service much like  At this time I had no idea that Delicious was being shutdown but within about an hour of my day being underway, more Tweets and emails came in to give clue to that fact.  The news was let out by Eric Marcoullier on Twitter.  Here is a link to the images he posted, but unfortunately the image is now a 403 and has been taking down or removed from the server.  Wonder if someone had something to do with that?

After spending some time checking out what was truly going on, I learned that Yahoo, who has owned Delicious since 2005, is looking to find another owner.  They are not shutting down the service but do feel that it is not a great fit at the company.  Some people are really up in arms about this, worrying that it is going to close down and that they are going to need to find a different way to social bookmark. 

Need not fear about this, Diigo to the rescue.  A couple of months ago I started using after using Delicious for a couple of years.  I really like how Diigo works.  I don't have to bookmark an entire page.  I can highlight what I like or really want to save and create a bookmark for the highlight portion.  The highlight needs to be less than 2000 characters so long sections it will not work with.  If you really need to highlight more than 2000 characters on a single page, chances are you need to whole page.  In addition you can while you are bookmarking something to share with others, you can also send it to Instapaper.  This alone is one thing that I find to be absolutely priceless.  I really like how you can annotate and tag your bookmarks with Diigo where other bookmarking systems all you can do is tag them.

Give it a try.  It is totally worth and free.  There is a paid subscription for more features, but the free is really worth it already.

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