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I visit schools and with one step into the door, I feel as if I stepped into 1973. Students are sitting in rows working on work sheets or taking a test or quiz as the only type of assessment tool. Students are simply powering down at school and as soon as the last bell sounds, students enthusiastically power up. Becoming a one-to-one school can seem financially impossible, however, if 75% of students have smart phones, then it’s time we embrace this technology. If we are not preparing our 8th graders for the year 2015, then we are not preparing our students for college. It’s time schools develop a technology friendly policy to create an environment where teachers can mesh technology with both science and math and create real world problems. NO MORE sifting tirelessly through the textbook hunting for definitions only to copy the answer straight from the book. In the real world, I would have googled the question in five seconds and read at least three different empirical articles related to the question in three minutes, while summarizing my answer using “dragon dictation” or creating a document simply by talking, and then simply sharing these thoughts with my peers in real time using an EtherPad!

I couldn’t agree more this statement.  I have been saying this at the school I work at and yet still we have a policy that forces students not to use them during the school hours.  Not using these devices is not preparing them to be successful in the future.

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