Leading with Instructional Technology Post 5

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I was completely blown away with Doug this evening.  I was anticipating that this evening would be mostly teaching about Google tools and how they work, of which I do know most of them.  Hearing Doug speak into about how important it is to having students be creating material during their learning venture.  Creation is the most difficult part of Bloom’s.  A lot of teachers do not really spend a lot of time using that upper-end Bloom’s because they find it very time consuming and difficult.  It is suppose to be difficult.  Most of the learning that we experience in our lives comes from difficult tasks.  Even if we were not able to accomplish it the first try, once we did we never forgot how we succeeded in that.  It is time for more teachers to be innovative with their kids and get them creating authentic content.  I can totally see how Google Apps can help with this.  

In order for me to really start diving into this with my iPads in my classrooms I really need to have more access to technology.  Students do not have email and are not allowed email access while at school.  Seems a little bit backwards for me to have such a rule but then give them an iPad to use everyday.

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