Athletic Participation Fees

2010-2014 Tillamook High School was seeing a significant decline in participation in interscholastic activities. A survey was completed of 306 students in grades 8 through 11 asking students of their likelihood to participate in activities provided that the participation fee was free. The survey results showed that an increase of 23% was likely provided that participation was free.

The board of directors acted to provided participation for free to students of both the Jr. High and High School for the 2015-16 school year on a trial basis. During this year the high school saw an increase in participation by 8-10% while the junior high school saw an increase of 35%.

Part of my data collection during this time was not only to show an increase in participation in interscholastic activities but also to show that kids who are involved in school are less likely to fail their classes. Below is the data of students who are involved in activities versus their counterparts.

Class Total in Class Total Participation Participant Failures Non-Participation Non-Participant Failures Participant Failure Rate Non-Participant Failure Rate
Freshman 160 67 5 93 32 7.46% 34.41%
Sophomore 146 43 3 103 19 6.98% 18.45%
Junior 134 45 1 89 19 2.22% 21.35%
Senior 169 60 4 109 19 6.67% 17.43%

In showing this data to the Board of Directors, they passed free participation for all students to remain for future years.

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