Week ?

So I am the worst blogger.  I swear I start each summer with great ambition to learn and grow and that I am going to do that through blogging.  I start the year off right and make a post and commit myself to make regular daily/weekly posts.  That lasts for a single day and then I don’t get back to it until months later.

Last January I decided to start a podcast along with working on my blog, did that go far, nope.  I made two episodes.  I do know what the problem is.  Time.  I don’t have any.  I do know that I need to make some adjustments in my daily routine in order to focus on self-care and maintaining a balance.  I guess the point is that if you know what the issue is, at least you can start there to fix it.  

As we get towards the end of 2018, I am going to start redeveloping a new routine to help recommit myself to blogging and podcasting for 2019.

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