Make them feel special, because they are!

When was the last time you had somebody do something for you that made you feel special? Chances are it was fairly recently.

What about your students in your classrooms? Chances are that if it was not you that did something to make these students feel special, then nobody did. 

Our kids come from the roughest of places.  Many thrive at school, because it is the best that they know.  They know when they are here they are warm, fed, and taken care of.

Some never know where their next meal is coming from or where they will lay their head tonight.  Many live in cramped housing with two, three, or even four other families.  Chances are that the eyes that you look at are needing something special and that something special was you.

How will you let your students know that they are special everyday?

The Innovative Educator: When students own the learning


The Innovative Educator: When students own the learning

      • Looking around my lab, here is what I saw being created:

        • Bitstrip comics starring themselves as scientists explaining the diversity of crustaceans.
        • Students researching sources using advanced search features for trust-worthy and relevant information
        • Online jeopardy game creations
        • Using Scratch to create interactive stories
        • PowerPoint and Prezi presentations
        • Using Flipcams and Moviemaker to create infomercials
        • Podcast radio interviews
        • Glogster Posters
    • EdTechIdeas: As teachers, it is often difficult to make a shift from forced learning (teacher delivered content) to student directed learning. I challenge you to just take one lesson; one activity; one afternoon and flip the way you’ve always done it in the past. Take a leap of faith, and relinquish control. See how you feel. Discover how your students feel. Feel the learning.
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